Volunteering is the backbone of society!


“Volunteering is the backbone of society.” Have you ever heard or come across this expression? I have and for a long time, I have not thought much of it. However, recently I decided to help out at a local orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico, where I meet the ‘kids’ once a week and help them with homework and whatever else is at need. Seeing them and the way they live with more than 100 of them, it has been easy to understand that there is a need for volunteers. For a group as big as this one, it becomes obvious that the few advisors or teachers that are present cannot give the needed attention to every single child all the time. And this is exactly where this saying finds its place: Volunteer substitute for that what society cannot or does not want to provide, social service that begins with the smallest and poorest of us.

With every time I visit this orphanage, I see more problems, lack of education, lack of discipline, lack of good life experiences, hygiene, and many other issues. I can provide little myself, but may give some help on especially my first three mentioned points. The more people join such a cause, whether with children, elderly, or other people in need, the better we will be able to serve them. Especially for the children of an orphanage, this service will eventually become an invaluable source of education and hope. The better we are able to integrate them into the “real life” outside their walls of an orphanage, the better their chances will be for leaving that institution at some point, both being able to provide and plan for themselves as well as looking back dearly at the time, the orphanage provided a home for them.

Thus I would urge everyone to take on some type of cause. I don’t go that often, with once a week for a few hours, but whatever we can provide will become part of the backbone of society.

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