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It just struck me. Whatever country I have visited, each year of schooling requires the students to spend a certain amount of hours on social work. That usually includes secondary schools as well as universities. Thinking about my own environment and schooling, Germany doesn’t seem to require any of it, or at least not the private school I have been to. One would normally expect that a private Catholic school would be involved in such projects and urging or requiring their students to become part of it. However, I have never heard about this in Germany.

One reason may be that we have had a mandatory military OR social service until recently, which serves the same purpose. However, even that would still make a difference because one gets paid, which is anything but voluntary. Another reason could be that people have simply become to busy, don’t really care, or think that other people will do this job. Whatever the reason for this lack of education in social matters, I thoroughly believe that each student, whether in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, or any other part of this world, should be taught to volunteer, to respect this need and spend time and energy on serving other people. The social interaction and compassion that people learn from small-on is simply a life value that hardly finds comparison.

I know of people that have done voluntary work from their own initiative, including in Germany, but that still leaves tons of people that never get in touch with this side of life. For that very reason, and among others, I think it is very important and schools should provide this lesson to their students.

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