Uppsala International Summer Session

Uppsala International Summer Session

Haven’t you always wanted to spend a summer in Sweden? Improve and advance your Swedish skills? Dig further into the culture and sights? And all that with new friends from 40 different countries? If this is exactly that what you are looking for, including lots of fun and action, then the Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS) is exactly right for you.

The UISS program will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013 and can thus look back on a long experience in teaching the Swedish language and culture. More than 200 Sweden friends from around the world will meet during this program in the student city Uppsala. It offers everything that can make Sweden friends happy including many touristic sights and a near proximity to the capital Stockholm.

Several different courses are offered in UISS that serve students of all Swedish-language levels. There are always beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses that are offered, plus one that is designed for Swedish people that live abroad. Classes are from Monday to Friday and have extracurricular classes, such as culture, music, and choir, in the afternoon. In this way, one does not only learn the language but a lot more about Sweden in general.

There are no classes from Fridays to Sundays but weekend programs. These include for example film and game nights and day trips to nearby sights and cities such as Stockholm and castles. A special highlight are the trips to Finland, Lappland, and Värmland, which are highly recommendable. An alternative to these offered programs is always to organize trips and activities by oneself or with new friends and discover Uppsala and other parts of Sweden.

UISS -- Uppsala International Summer Session
UISS students in Stockholm

With many wonderful experiences and memories that I was able to make myself in 2008, I can only recommend the Uppsala International Summer Session. The language classes and experienced and nice instructors as well as the program and new friends make the 3, 6, or 9 week summer programs unforgettable and invaluable for all Sweden friends.

For more information, please refer directly to the website of the Uppsala International Summer Session at http://www.uiss.org.

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