The entrepreneurial mindset and how to support it

The entrepreneurial mindset

I woke up this morning and questioned myself why I think to have an entrepreneurial mindset. It has seemed clear to me for several years already that I have a burning passion and a vivid interest for entrepreneurship that I pursue to learn about regularly. I enjoy it, love discussing ideas and existing concepts, and much more. And yet this question. Why do I think that I am all in or all hooked? And am I?

A mindset is defined as the “established set of attitudes held by someone.” An entrepreneurial mindset is than a set of attitudes that focuses on enterprising, innovations, solutions, etc. In other words, it is more than reading a few smart books and blog posts on entrepreneurship and seeing opportunities in things around us. This would not be more than an interest. An entrepreneurial mindset also demands acquiring certain characteristics and the willingness to live out one’s ideas and execute them where possible.

Having a strong interest in the subject of entrepreneurship and learning more about it are good things, don’t get me wrong here. But this desire to learn by itself does not mean you actually have an entrepreneurial mindset. However, by learning about it and feeding yourself with relevant content on entrepreneurship, you are likely to gradually develop such a mindset. This includes acquiring knowledge, skills, as well as the will power and characteristics to go through with ideas.

Following is a list of ideas with activities to do to support fostering your entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Read books, magazines, and online articles related to business and entrepreneurship,
  • Get involved in the online community through social media, own blog posts, etc.
  • Get involved locally in startup events, business meetings, and other networking events to surround yourself with like-minded people and grow your network.
  • Take classes or pursue a full program in entrepreneurship or participate in practical, hands-on startup academies.
  • Work on your own ideas, develop them, do everything necessary to launch and then execute them. This is the only way to really understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and live the mindset.
  • Learn about the different business forms, both governmental and private support organizations in your area, understand financial resources and funding available for business launches, etc. This is a great networking starting point and learning experience!
  • Join a startup as a cofounder or employee and experience the dynamics of young businesses.

While this is not an inclusive list, it is a good list to start with, learn, network, and experience various sides of entrepreneurship. Personally, I know that I am very interested in the subject, learn and think about it daily, and am part of different groups. The one thing that I am currently missing—which might be the most important point—is to get involved in an actual startup or go ahead with my own ideas. My mind is all hooked, the other question becomes whether you can have an entrepreneurial mindset without living an entrepreneurial life.

I know what it takes; now it’s about execution.

Konstantin von Brocke

The Author: Konstantin von Brocke has graduated in business management from University of Wisconsin-Stout with magna cum laude in December 2012 after receiving an Associate in Applied Science degree in marketing from Fox Valley Technical College. He is interested in all things related business with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, and growth.

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