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Apple a Day

Many people that I have met, seen, and talked to take some form of a supplementary diet. That may start with vitamin pills, protein snacks, high-protein drinks for muscle building, fat burners, all the way to anabolic steroids.

Whereas I believe in some kind of effectiveness of each of these and other related products, I am sure that most of it could be supplemented with a more pure or natural diet. Most sportsmen and -women will probably agree to that, plus possibly using some vitamin or protein snacks to stay more healthy and supplement their diet with what they usually lack.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Talking to people and learning more about natural diets, I am a strong promoter of using natural products. They are more fresh and pure than the chemically processed products we can buy in the store to supplement our diets. Vitamins are easily consumed by different types of fruits. I grew up with a saying that basically says ¨An apple a day keeps the doctor away.¨Many of you will know this one or a similar one. But I am sure that this saying contains more truth in it that we usually want to admit or shows in our personal diet. Having a greater variety of fruits over the week, meaning one or two types of fruits a day and switching them from day to day, should enable us to get all necessary and good vitamins through fruit intake. Proteins can also be consumed by a natural diet, for instance red meat, fish, pork, chicken, nuts, eggs and dairy, and seeds. These are all high-protein foods, although one should be careful of using too much red meats as too much of it is bad for the heart and increases the level of cholesterol.

All in all, I believe it is important to use a lot of fresh products, they are both more healthy than supplementary products and make us feel better, too. That what we are not able to consume through natural products can be taken through vitamin or protein supplements.

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