Run Run Run!

This is my first full day in Sweden after arriving after a long train ride yesterday evening. After some expected shopping and some rather unexpected gardening, I also went for my first run through my neighborhood. It is a wonderful, green, and very friendly-looking area with nice properties and a beautiful view over the Vättern lake and the town of Jönköping.

This was a short but quicker run of 2.2 km in 10:17 min (12.816 km/h, 4.68 min/km).

Its terrain is quite hilly; the first part was mostly downhill and the second, naturally, uphill. I think this area will give me plenty of opportunities to discover the area and get excellent training in.

Now it’d be great to have some running buddies and then also train for some first smaller runs of maybe 5, 10 or even 20 km. Anyone out there in and around Bymarken?

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