Polar RS100–My New.. First Running Watch

After the cardiologist yesterday, I went back to town and used some spare time to finally look at some digital sport watches that can also measure the pulse. I didn’t intend to spend a couple of hundred dollars on my first watch, so I decided to go with a standard version by Polar.

The next I knew is that I had the Polar RS100 on my wrist and left the store. I haven’t actually tested the pulse transmitter yet, but went through the basic set up to set date, time, age, weight, height, and what else it asked me. The plan is to go out this afternoon and go for a quick 5k run and see how it works and if it’s necessary to read the manual.. I don’t like reading manuals for things that are easier and faster to figure out by oneself.

Polar RS100
My New & First Running Computer, the Polar RS100

It is basic equipment, coming with the digital watch, the chest band, plus the transmitter.

For my current needs, and especially as long as I don’t go for any actual triathlon, this watch should be more than enough. Its functions include:

  • Digital Watch
  • Pulse meter
  • Coded transmission
  • Lower/Upper Pulse Limit Signal
  • Review Training Data
  • Cumulative Training Data
  • Battery of chest band can be renewed

I think that will work for me right now. My current main purpose is to be able to follow my heart rate and be able to run in certain pulse and training regions.

On the way to become marathon strong!

by Konstantin von Brocke
@ MarathonStrong

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