MyPyramid–Steps to a Healthier You

MyPyramid--Steps to a Healthier You

As I paged through my biology book today (yes, I am crazy enough to take biology classes over summer!), I found a nice table on what one should eat. It was a good graphic that describes well a healthy diet and what it should include. Looking for an equivalent online, the following image is almost the same without the top graphic. However, the important part is there.

Steps To Healthier You
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, April 2005. / For more information about the New Food Pyramid visit

Looking through this graphic and comparing it to my own diet, I have to admit that I am nowhere near the full package of healthy eating. Yes, I like my milk and prefer my grains whole. Yes, I enjoy some veggies and some fruits here and there. For the meat part, I am definitely too far into the red-meat category, which is not too healthy. But I like it. And overall, and that is good for all categories, I certainly take wrong proportions from each category, meaning too much or too little of one category compared to the other ones.

So my pursuit for this summer, also with gained knowledge from my biology class, is to improve my diet and turn my current neither-good-nor-bad diet into a healthy diet. My first step is to eat some extra fruits and salads, my second to eat more low-fat or lean meats and poultry. That’s certainly not a very specific timetable but it’s a start.

How is your diet? Do you think by looking at this graphic that you eat what you should, or do you think there are points you have to work on yourself? Tell me about it! Especially interested in experiences, tips, and discussions.

And don’t forget to run! Sports are definitely part of living a healthy life!

by Konstantin von Brocke
@ MarathonStrong

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