Mexican orphanage

Orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico

I’ve been to a Mexican orphanage, a Casa Hogar in Jalisco, about 4 times now. Each time I see happy children, children that have a home, many friends, and people that care about them. They receive food, education, medical treatment, and attention. Each child has a smile on their face, some are bulking and fighting here and there, but they all laugh.

One should think that they have everything they need, or what else could they ask for? Their family? – Possibly, but in most cases they can lead a better, healthier, and safer life in the orphanage. Yet, I see many shortages at such an orphanage. They are behind their age level in reading, math, writing, and so many other basic things, the kids should learn in their first years of school. Hardly being able to read and write in upper classes, for instance 3-5, is just sad. It may not be sad for the instance, but as soon as they will eventually leave the orphanage and have to adjust themselves to the life outside, they will have difficulties due to lack of education and experience. Thus, I see many of them repeating the cycle and never being able to leave poverty.

Every time I go there and every time I think about the kids, I have to ask myself, what should be different, or how could it be different? How can we, you and me, help these kids and institutions to improve and look at a brighter future? They all have dreams, cars, the U.S., family, a good job later, but how likely is it for these children to really obtain what they deserve? I don’t think it serves them well to simply send a few money notes, what they really need is more attention, family, someone who cares for them rather than a few supervisors or teachers on a 100+ kids.

I don’t have an answer to this, but hope to be able to see more with every time I go there and work with these kids on homework and talk to them. Hopefully, I can come up with ideas and will be able to implement them, not only for these kids but for a broader range.

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