Picking up on the J.P. Morgan Chase in Frankfurt

JP Morgan Chase Frankfurt

Well, over the last months I lost much of my motivation and energy that I showed in the first half of last year. I basically went from running almost daily, via much less and less regular for a while to a full training stop. Moving here, moving there, and I find myself in Frankfurt am Main in Germany now where I work in the marketing and communications department of a major bank. Thus I am given the opportunity to run the world’s biggest J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Run on June 12, and my thrive is slowly but surely picking up again.

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is a run over a distance of 5.6k (3.48 miles), in which only the employees of various forms of organizations can participate. Last year the chase in Frankfurt attracted a staggering 70,000 participants from more than 2,700 companies. One has to enter an estimate on how long one will need for this distance upon registration so that the faster runners can start first, given enough room and space to hold their speed. This is at least the system I was told but it makes sense, so that the runners start over a period of about 90 minutes, needing anywhere between 16 and 60 minutes to cross the finish line.

I registered as well but no matter if I run or not, I already won because I started my training again. Over the last 2 weeks I have been running a few times and did some addition circle training. The last days I have been doing some type of sport at least daily, including a beautiful hike through the vineyards down by Bensheim. There are two actual runs I started with. The first was a 5.4 k (3.36 miles) about 2 weeks ago, which took me around 26 minutes. It was fair enough for a first run. The second run was just yesterday although I am not really satisfied with its outcome. 28 minutes on a 5.6k (3.48 miles) is not what I was hoping for. In fact, I started running really well for the first part. In the end I hardly felt like running at all, rather it became a bit of a burden to lift one’s leg over and over again. I guess it was the result of the hike the day before.

No matter what, at least I was able to maintain an approximate speed of 12 km/h, which was my minimum the year before. As I entered 23 minutes as my goal for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, I still have a bit of a way to go but am very optimistic that I will eventually exceed that time on the day of the chase. I think 25 minutes would already be possible if I wanted and my legs were fully rested before. That would make me need to pick up a mere 2 minutes, which should be doable over the next 5 weeks and with steady training.

Are you in the area and also joining the J.P. Morgan Chase? Let me know where you are at and in what way you train for it. We migth be able to push us a bit further yet and motivate each other to exceed our initial estimates. Have a good run!

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