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Over the last couple of years, my interest in anything related startups has grown tremendously. While my  initial perspective on them may still have been rather superficial and romanticized, I soon began to also look at the ecosystem with its influencers, the online livelihood, and much more. This eventually led me to look for employee and cofounder positions and also work on own ideas.

It was then that I discovered and explored AngelList, which I still think to be one of the best startup platforms on the market. I am impressed by the number of startups, investors, jobs, etc this platform provides as well as by the detailed information on many of these. Can you imagine that, at the time of writing this blog post, this platform holds a total of 425,508 startups and 6,238 jobs offered by startups alone? This is depth of content that has become very helpful in exploring my own ideas as well as enriching them in many ways. For this I applaud AngelList.

AngelList: Knowing your startup ecosystem
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Hardly expecting any other platform to reach up to the level of AngelList, I came across StartupBlink just a few weeks ago. StartupBlink is a new startup platform that has a somehow similar but yet distinct offer. It also attracts high numbers of startups to present themselves and connect with other players in the startup ecosystem. It does however not focus on investing. Its most distinct feature is definitely the prominent map on the front page, giving an overview of where the most startup-related activities are worldwide and letting you access information on its individual players. Furthermore, the features of influencers and ambassadors are very nice, something that does not exist in this way on AngelList. While StartupBlink does not have the same breadth with 68,374 startups, it is considerably strong for having launched just last summer.

StartupBlink: Knowing your startup ecosystem
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So how else could it be, I now use both of these platforms fairly equally. I still go to AngelList to get more detailed information on startups and look for employee and cofounder positions. StartupBlink, on the other hand, has become my primary address to scoop through the ecosystem to know what’s out there. Here I particularly like the interactive map and the possibility to get a much better overview of the startup landscape worldwide. So all in all, I believe that both AngelList and StartupBlink complement each other very well and that both are of great use and benefit for anyone who is interested in startups or in some way part of its larger ecosystem.


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