… and I still know how to run!

or: Why you will love Kyiv as your running terrain!

Final Data
Distance: 6.2k (3.85 miles)
Time: 0:38:41
Speed: 9.68 km/h (6.01 miles/hour)
Pace: 6.20 min/km (9.98 min/mile)
Terrain: hilly, concrete

So I have finally took the time again to go for a nice outside run. I have relocated to Kyiv, Ukraine recently, only temporarily though, and decided to use the fresh breeze outside to finally test me new Polar running watch. As I used to, I drew out my route on google maps and went for a 6.2k run along major streets.

I started pretty quickly and felt good with that pace.. until I had the first turn and faced a long part of the route that was all uphill. Halfway up, I was out of breath and started to walk. Oh well, this definitely ruined my time, although I was still within the projected time frame of 40 min. However, without this hill, I could have run the usual 30 min for this type of route.

For my first run though, I am satisfied and have even got to realize that Kyiv is a perfect running terrain for intermediate runners. It is located on 7 hills like Rome, as I have read recently as part of a comparison although it really is located on a lot more hills. Most ups and downs are not too steep, but it is generally hilly enough to have a good training. This is really a perfect setting. One can either discover the beautiful city of Kyiv via lots of city roads or decide to discover one of the many parks and green areas.

With an endless set of potential routes in and around Kyiv, I am sure this was not my last run.. and only the first run out of many to come here.

Only one more reason, why anyone will love Kyiv 🙂

On the way to become marathon strong!

by Konstantin von Brocke
@ MarathonStrong

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