10,000+ miles bike trip!

10000 miles bike trip

Have you ever gone on a weekend bike trip around the neighborhood or a close-by town? Or have you considered or being part of a bike race over 20, 40, 100 some miles? Or have you ever decided to visit your best friend on a bike which would take you a couple of days? Well, all these trips seem infant or very little compared to the trip of 10,000+ miles.

My roommate had met two guys from Minneapolis, MN a couple of days ago and offered them a place to stay when they get down to Guadalajara. Having now arrived, it is amazing to hear their crazy story of taking their bikes from Minneapolis all the way down to the southernmost peak of Argentina. It will take them more than one year. On average, they say, they go for about 50 miles (around 80km) a day and put up tents whereever it takes them.

Considering my post-graduation plans, Chris and Cooper are recent college graduates, everything looks very plain, simple, and boring, nothing too special. I may plan a 2-week trip to the seaside or taking a break for a few weeks, but taking a bike all this ridiculously long way for a bicycle trip, no way! I admire them though and wished I had the time and energy to follow them or do them equal at some point in the future. Most likely I will never have the courage to make this decision, which is good though. My marathon or half-marathon plans are strong enough and keep me busy besides school already.

If I find out their travel blog name, I will share it with everyone. In my eyes, this is really a story to share and a story to support. I have great respect for their endeavor and wish them all the best on their journey, which will take them another 8+ months as far as I have understood. Wow!

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